Commercial Plumbing Experts


Jake Patrick & Son Plumbing has over 35 years of experience as a licensed and insured commercial plumbing contractor. Specializing in slab leak repairs and leak detection, we provide expert service to the Savannah area. Our professional and expert plumbers have been trained and can handle any large-scale project. Unlike some self taught commercial plumbers, we are medical gas certified, licensed, bonded and insured professionals, which ensures that your business will have minimal down time with the project complete right the first time.

List of Services

Commercial Sewer and Drain Cleaning

We offer more than just commercial drain cleaning. We can also repair or replace water and sewer lines to correct a number of problems, such as broken, cracked, offset or collapsed pipes due to shifting soil, frozen ground, or settling.

Sewer Camera Services and Trenchless Repair

We have specialized locating equipment and sewer line cameras which enable us to locate and spot repair, only replacing the broken area. Although there may be some digging required, this type of sewer line repair can help minimize destruction of yards or parking lots with less environmental impact for your business.

Underground Leak and Line Detection

Slab leaks can be detrimental to the structural integrity of a business. If neglected, water damage from these slab leaks can eventually lead to the formation of mold and provide a nesting ground for termites and further problems. We use state-of-the-art equipment operated by highly trained slab leak detection specialists. Our slab leak detection specialists are able to locate the slab leak with pinpoint accuracy. Our plumbing experts can repair commercial slab leaks with minimal disruption of your busy schedule. We use the most appropriate, least invasive process to access the damaged plumbing.

Water and Sewer line Breaks/Repair/ Replacement

If your business is suffering from a sewer line blockage or break, we offer trenchless technology – an affordable sewer line replacement service that allows us to pinpoint and accurately repair the problem. With our trenchless repair, the digging can be minimized so there may be no need to  dig up the entire yard, destroy a parking lot or create any unnecessary environmental impact. Our commercial expert sewers & drain repair service can replace all sizes of sewer and drain pipes. Consider our trenchless sewer pipe replacement and repair to help minimize damage and reduce downtime for your business.

Grease Trap Repair

For reliable, dependable service of all your brown grease recycling needs, trust Jake Patrick Plumbing. With over 35 years of plumbing experience offering septic services and brown grease equipment servicing and repair for commercial and restaurant grease interceptors. Restaurants, caterers or other food service facilities need a quality plumbing contractor to install the right grease trap or solid-waste interceptor system. It’s important to choose an experienced commercial plumber who is familiar with the local code requirements in order to keep your business in compliance.

Backflow Repair & Installation

A backflow prevention assembly prevents the water in your system from flowing back into the public water system. In a commercial or industrial building, the backflow assembly should be serviced annually to ensure the safety of our drinking water. Jake Patrick Plumbing offers scheduled or emergency backflow repair and installation services and are trained to repair and service all backflow assemblies and devices.

Medical Gas System Installation/Repair

We are medical gas certified, licensed and insured. Providing installation and repair of medical gas systems. From installation, alteration, purging, activation, service repair or removal of any medical gas appliances, equipment, systems, cylinders and tanks we can help and often provide same day service.

Commercial Water Heater Repair/Installation

We specialize in the meeting the needs of our commercial customers. Our plumbing technicians are fully trained and experienced in commercial water heater repair and installation and service most brands of hot water heaters. From gas, propane, electric, and tankless hot water heaters for every commercial application, we are the experts you can trust.